About Us

Hi, I’m John Gibson and I started alpha omega real estate company. I started this company having been in the place where others have been and didn’t see or have any way out. With that experience I plan to help as many people as possible.

The focus of the business to help those who don’t see a way out of their situation. I stand on honesty and integrity as pillars. With all that’s going it’s still nice to have something you can trust. I will always stand behind you and work through your issues in a timely manner.

Our company focus is quality service that we stand by. We are looking for clients that may be in foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and have to sell their property. Any situation that needs immediate attention where we can step in and help solve the problem.

What makes us different is I have been in the same situation as some of the clients. I know the pain, the stress, the feeling alone. It was a rough time. So I know it’s hard but as our slogan says “We do the hard work!”